How to dub a movie at home

Film dubbing is not only fun, but if you’re a professional voice talent, it can be important if you want to send a demo

to agencies, directors, potential buyers.

How to dub a movie at home?


Quiet room
Sound card

There are thousands of software for the job:
Protools, Adobe, Sony acid, Vegas, Nuendo, Reaper…

In this movie I’m using Adobe audition.

The concise essence:

Import the movie, mark the parts to be dubbed on the soundtrack for traceability.

We record the sync, match our own voice exactly to the original.

Then we remove the actors’ voices and create a new mix with our own voice.

The whole point of our dubbing work is to end up with a recording that, when you watch the film, you don’t think of the dub or at most, it’s just cruelly good.)

In a rush? You can find the final result is at 6.55.

You need professional Hungarian dubbing?

Just send me your name and get full info now!

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